Spring is here, which means…

The snow is melting, it’s (kind of) warming up, and my two-and-a-half months of unemployment are officially at an end.

I’ve accepted a position as content marketing manager at Death Wish Coffee company, located less than ten minutes away from my house. In addition to downing as much coffee as humanly possible, I’ll be updating and executing their marketing strategy for blog posts, videos, and social media across all of their platforms (so give us a follow, like us on Facebook, and take a look at our blog).

I’m extremely honored to join such an amazing team and company. Death Wish Coffee is a name I’ve constantly heard since I moved here about two years ago. Their coffee really is to die for — and their coffee vodka is perfect to mix with Bailey’s, btw.

Since February, I’ve gone on a number of interviews, freelanced as much as possible, picked up some babysitting, and more to make ends meet (and to keep me from going absolutely insane). Thanks for everyone who supported me when I was down, trusted me with their freelance projects, and helped me through it all. I’m excited to stay in upstate New York and to start this new journey!

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